rational choice

Just had a story, “Blind Spot” accepted at Postcards From… Hooray.  I wonder what genre it’ll be put under.  It’s strange that my two publishing credits so far have been ghost stories.  I used to be mortally afraid of writing about ghosts – but I was always eager to watch them on film and be terrified.  Yup.

I have one story that I’m going to send out, and two that need to get written.  Both are – gasp – science fiction.  Science fiction’s never been my thing, unless you count Michael Crichton, and I skipped his science-oriented chapters.  I just loved Ian Malcolm.  I originally came up with the one for this anthology that was advertised on a livejournal community, but now that I have it set up I feel like I want to actually send it to a zine.  I love zines.  It’s weird, I know.  Duotrope’s stats say that most people want print publishing that they can submit electronically, and I’d honestly prefer electronic zines and electronic submission.  I think because I don’t want to force people to spend money to read anything I write.  But then again, I am not planning on making a living as a writer.  I’m also of a much younger, internet-addicted generation, and that probably has something to do with it.

So yeah, to anthologize or not.  I would send to magazines first if I could, but the anthology deadline is June 1.  I suppose I should just focus on getting it written first.

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