• Deep Background Interview (Lovecraft eZine Show), 2021
  • Fantastic Fiction Reading with Seanan McGuire (KGB), 2021
  • Discussion of Lake Mungo with Paul Tremblay (Lovecraft eZine Show), 2021
  • The Horror Pod Class 124: Saint Maud with Nadia Bulkin (Signal Horizon), 2021
  • TOD 093: Quarantine Readings: Nadia Bulkin and Eric Schaller (The Outer Dark), 2021
  • The Horror Pod Class S2E34: A Dark Song with Nadia Bulkin (Signal Horizon), 2019
  • “The Art of Unease: Weird Fiction, Strange Stories, and Other Surreal Horrors That Mess With Your Head,” Panel Discussion at Necon 2019
  • “The Ecstatic Weird: The Weird as a Source of Transcendence and Awe,” Panel Discussion at Outer Dark Symposium 2019
  • “The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Written—And The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Read,” Panel Discussion at Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival
  • “Grief, Loneliness, and Alienation in Speculative Fiction,” Panel Discussion at Readercon 2018
  • “Mental Illness in Horror,” Panel Discussion at Readercon 2018
  • “Reclaiming Stories of Victimized Women,” Panel Discussion at Readercon 2018
  • “Fresh Voices for Your Horror Collections,” Panel Discussion at StokerCon 2018
  • Women in Horror Month (Lovecraft eZine Show), 2016