cosmic horror

And the aforementioned issue of Innsmouth Free Press is out!  Much appreciation to the editors for putting together such a nice-looking copy (and letting my name on the cover!).  A teensy excerpt from my story:

It had to be a ghost. Maybe she’d been a babysitter like Kris, some hundred years ago. Maybe she’d been Dutch. A prison nurse. Someone cruel. And maybe something horrible had happened to her, something that earned her such a nasty name. Maybe she lost her legs in an accident. Maybe they had to sew on a pair of goat legs as rudimentary prosthetics….

Entire issue here (PDF).

Just my story, “Red Goat, Black Goat,” online.

FYI: “Black Goat” translated into Indonesian is “Kambing Hitam,” which also means “scapegoat.”  It’s a variation on “Black Sheep.”

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