marine biology

Sea of MarmaraSze Tsung Leong: Sea of Marmara

“Lake Tahoe’s Lover” is now up at Fantasy Magazine!  It’s been waiting there for a year, but I still love this story.  A little more romantic/whimsical than most of what I write, but blame it on the Hudson River and my best friend’s old lake house that I used to spend summer weekends at growing up.  I love the picture they chose to accompany it.  Exactly how I pictured the lake (except with a few less trees).

Actually, I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe.  But I think it’s a lovely name for a lake.

Little fish. Big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. Gimme my daughter.

PJ Harvey

3 thoughts on “marine biology

  1. Asakiyume

    That was a lovely story. A friend pointed me to it. It was totally surprising; I could predict none of the twists and turns it took, and each one felt perfectly right. What was especially cool, from my perspective, was that you had growth and development for the lake, too–not just Els. Really good.

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